Fantastic! I’m so honored you’ve chosen me to walk alongside you on some of your happiest days! Let me know what services your interested and I’ll draw up a proposal for you to review.

We're ready to book! What's next?

This is such an important question and one that has to be followed up with some additional questions. First, let’s hop on a call! After we get to know each other consider - Does my shooting approach align with your priorities for your wedding day experience? Are you drawn to my work as representative of images you could see capturing the essence of your day and creating memories you can look back on for a lifetime? Do you feel like you’d be comfortable and excited to have me close at hand for pretty much your entire wedding day?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, then I feel confident that we’ll be a great fit!

How do we know if you’re the right photographer for us?

If your wedding is more than two hours or 180 miles outside of Dallas, I would require two nights accommodation at or near your venue. Arriving the day before, ensures no day-of roadway mishaps (flat tires, dead battery, etc) would keep me from capturing every second of your wedding and staying the night following is just a safety precaution to keep from driving home in the dark after a long shooting day.

If your wedding is more than 4 hours outside of Dallas, I will create a custom travel quote to cover flights, rental car, if needed, and accommodations.

Our wedding is outside of Dallas - how does that work?

No, never. We could go into a lot of reasons of why photographers don't share raw, unedited images, but the main reason is - you don't want them. Trust me you really don't. They're not very useful and honestly, no one wants to see what they really look like under florescent lights. It's just a fact.

Do you provide unedited, raw images with the gallery?

Delivery windows are 2-3 weeks for portrait sessions, 4-6 weeks for elopements, and 8-10 weeks for weddings.
Image count per gallery is dependent on duration of coverage, amount of activity within that time, the inclusion of a second shooter and other factors. On average, I deliver a hundred images per hour of coverage.

When would we receive our gallery? How many photos will we receive?

Where candid and guided meet. Fostering connection, ease, and comfort being yourselves so true moments have space and time to unfold.
I will live on the periphery as much as possible to allow you to BE and only guide to bring you back into connection with your love and the present moment. 

How would you describe your style/approach to wedding photography?

What happens if I have to postpone my wedding/elopement?

It is possible, though not promised, that arrangements can be made to carry over services to the new date. Arrangements are dependent on availability.

What do I need to provide you with leading up to the wedding?

We'll be in consistent contact in the final month leading up to your wedding. I'll send over a questionnaire to confirm final details. It will have a form where you can include your family shot list and a reminder to forward your finalized timeline once you have it. (Some of this communication may also go through your coordinator).

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

Yes! More specifically - while you and your guests are eating. A) No one wants pictures of them stuffing their faces and offers me a good opportunity to refuel and change batteries/memory cards. B) If I don't eat when you eat, I'll miss important moments later (toasts, special dances, champagne tower...). C) No one wants a sad, wilted photographer on the edge of the dance floor. It's not cute.

What happens if the wedding timeline runs late?

Your wedding vendors are accustomed to timeline shifts and we (your coordinator, myself, dj, catering, etc) will work together to make minor adjustments to get back on track. For me that usually looks like moving a few group portraits to later in the evening, shooting more quickly where possible, or having my second shooter take on certain portions to "double up" coverage.

What do we do if the weather is bad for our engagement shoot/wedding?

In a lot of ways, there is no such thing as bad weather. Weather is just another factor that influence the vibe of your images, but doesn't change the content of your images (your love and your people). 

Will you be our photographer? Do you provide a second photographer?

I will! Baring a health or family emergency, I will be your day-of photographer. Second shooter services are available as an add-on for any wedding or elopement.

Do you help with the planning process for our wedding/elopement?

My insights can't replace the expertise of a dedicated coordinator, but I am happy to offer assistance with scheduling to create proper time for portraits, an easy flow to allow for real connection and aiming for the best light possible.
If you're interested in vendor recommendations, I have a list of wonderful industry professionals who are fantastic to work with.

Do you offer film photography or videography services?

I do offer film photography (35mm and 120mm formats) as an add-on to any wedding day. I do not offer videography services, but can recommend a few great videographers that I've worked with in the past to check out.

Do you offer printed albums? What's the process to get started?

Printed heirloom albums are also a wonderful add-on to any collection of services. I will walk you through the design process (with two opportunities for edits) and then handle the order and delivery stages, so that your album arrives magically at your front door!

Do you  have any recommendations for hair or makeup artists?

I have worked with several fantastic HMUA teams (as well as other wedding vendors) and would be happy share my preferred vendor list as part of your "booked" resources.

How do I get my wedding published on other wedding blogs or magazines?

It is best to work with your coordinator to have your wedding published!

Who owns the copyright to my wedding photos?

I reserve the copyrights to your images and you have printing rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

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