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"Love lets you find those hidden places in another person, even the ones they didn’t know were there, even the ones they wouldn’t have thought to call beautiful themselves."

These days you’ll find me spending down time with my husband (a.k.a. kindest man in the world and he’d probably like me to add “the funniest”) and our dearest little one. On nice days, we hang in the backyard, teaching Bub the finer points of driveway basketball and listening to Tom Misch. Often these afternoons include my trusty film camera, because they're not lying when they say "babies don't keep". In the in between moments, I’m usually dreaming up some creative shoot for the off season because I don’t know how to not create for too long.

Looking through my lens IS the closest I’VE ever come to capturing The imprint that connection leaves on us. It cAn frame a moment and freeze an image to bring back a feeling.

Photography was actually the happiest of accidents. I thought of it as a new form of creativity to explore, but my first love was always dance. Growing up as a dancer shaped the way I observe the world around me. Spending so many years in the studio and on the stage made me fall in love with movement, light, space and how those elements can come together to create something beautiful. But more importantly, immersing myself in such an emotive art form, made me keenly aware of and drawn to connection. Like dappled light on your hand or dandelions floating by on the breeze, the essence of connection is equally captivating, yet uncatchable. 

Wedding Photographer For Creative ROmantic Souls

I'm inspired by intentionality. By giving love joyfully and unashamedly. By leaning fully into the the beauty of honest moments.


→ DOmestic DestinationS:

San Francisco City Courthouse, Montana as a whole, New York (city or upstate), The Badlands SD, Joshua Tree...

→ International destinations:

Scotland, Iceland, Italy, France, Portugal, London...

Somewhere New

Dallas is definitely home, but as they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder", right? 
I've always found that new places bring fresh inspiration. Maybe it's the light or the sense of being anonymous, but I feel like a change of scenery gives me brand new eyes that are eager to create. If I could create anywhere, there are a few places that I just can't get off my mind. If you find yourself celebrating your next chapter in one of these locations, let's chat about highly discounted services.

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